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WELCOME Homemakers Young and Old
Creative Re-Do's and Stories Told

I hope to Inspire you to try your hand in designing your own Interior Decor Re-Do's by sharing my designs in Fiber Arts.
MY HAND KNOTTED FIBER ART, "WALLSCAPE" DECOR TAPESTRIES are made by me and Custom Designed for you! I use modern, long lasting fiber cords! For your Wall, Window or Door, these functional pieces also can be used as Modern Pieces of Art and Backdrops for Events!
As Modern Designs for Home or Shop Interior Decorating, consider adding one of my Macrame Pieces in your decor theme with Crochet and other Needleworks in creating your own comfort spaces.
Also offering Handmade Recycled Projects,Dried Flower Arrangements as UNIQUE GIFTS to help create that THEME for your EVENT!.

I will be Sharing Recipes for your Home Entertaining Needs with Easy Menu Ideas and Magnificient Desserts for the Menu to Amaze your Guests!
I will be posting Beautiful and Inspiring Photos!
I will be sharing some Tablescape How-To's and Tudor Lessons of Macrame and Crochet along the way too!

I have Organically Grown Herb and Flower gardens of which I harvest for my Dried Flower and Herb Handcrafts to decorate and scent the home with! I use them in my Tablescape Themes for Home Entertaining!
I am also an Artist in the Arts of Doll-Making, Macrame and Crochet. I am designing and making home and shop decor products using Modern Techniques with these two Fiber Art Forms.
The combination of Tablescape Themes and a Unique Macrame or Crochet Wall Decor Treatment go hand in hand in creating your own space!

{Macrame Treatments for Interior Wall, Window & Door Decor!}
{**Creative**Rediscovered** And** Fashionable**Textiles**!}
The first letter in each word spell the first name of my Home Business Name:

My Macrame" Rope Chains", what I call them, started out as Samples to Show and Tudor Others in the the Art of Making Macrame Knots. They resemble twisted ropes.
I hung them up with my kitchen window curtain rod and I saw them then as a way to have Unique Hand Designed Curtains, Door or Wall Tapestries!

I welcome Custom Work on these curtains as well as on Wall Decor Pieces that are flat against the wall, I call "Wallscapes".

We are compelled to stop and take a good look back into the fiber arts of macrame , crochet and needlework as it is of historic events.
Not until many years later can we really appreciate a widely hailed innovation or a major contribution to the needle arts.
Textile Arts will never grow old and are coming back as Beautiful Wall, Window and Door, Interior Decorating Treatments.

Price List on some average sizes of Door Decor Curtains:

Bead Fringed Door Decor Macrame Curtain
Pattern #1
30" to 32" x 80" {Top 12" is Designed}............$238.80
Over 32" to 36" x 80" { Top 12" is Designed.} $268.80
Over 36" to 40" x 80" {Top 12" is Designed.}..$298.80
Over 40" to 44" x 80" {Top 12" is Designed.}..$328.80
Over 44" to 48" x 80" {Top 12" is Designed.}..$358.80
Beaded Arch Door Decor Macrame Curtain
Pattern #2
30" to 32" x 80" {Top 22" is Designed.}...........$258.80
Over 32" to 36" x 80" {Top 22" is Designed.}...$288.80
Over 36" to 40" x 80" {Top 22" is Designed.}...$318.80
Over 40" to 44" x 80" {Top 22" is Designed.}...$348.80
Over 44" to 48" x 80"{Top 22" is Designed.}....$378.80
Standard Door Size is 30" by 80".

Size 22" to 28" x 22" to 36"
{Designed from Top to Bottom without Beads}..........$225.00

Size 22" to 28" x 22" to 36"
{Designed from Top to Bottom with Beads}................$270.00

Prices are estimated on the size and design desired by the Square Foot.
Cynthia Pomichter
Owner, Maker, Designer
Bringing back the Arts of Macrame, I am designing Macrame "Rope Chain Curtains" for the Home or Shop.
Other Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/craftflaire

CUSTOM ORDERING I welcome custom orders on my Projects with enough time to complete the order; usually about three weeks.
OUR GUARANTEE I give a money back guarantee only on the item if it was damaged in the mail and covered through a Shipping Insurance Coverage, within seven days after I recieve it. Return shipping is your expense.
PAYMENT OPTIONS Use your credit/debit card securely through Paypal
SHIPPING We ship within 3-8 days of your cleared payment.
Cynthia Pomichter
9295 S. Steven Trail
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